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We provide comprehensive treatment of urological disorders and conditions in men and women of all age groups.


We offer the latest procedures for benign conditions such as Kidney/ Urinary Stones and BPH/ enlarged prostate.


Our philosophy is geared towards minimally invasive surgeries, promoting outpatient- based treatments such as laser and shockwave surgeries for stones. We also cater for laparoscopic cases and cancer surgeries.


The philosophy of care for our Gynecologic procedures is to provide a one stop service. We have a strong practice in outpatient and day case procedures. 


We offer a full range of skills and equipment to provide all forms of minimally invasive surgery (hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgery). 

Plastic Surgery

New techniques and innovative technologies offer plastic surgery clients more options than ever before, in the enhancement and reshaping of structures of the body to improve appearance.

Procedures offered include liposuction, breast augmentation/ reduction, Botox, fat injections, vaginoplasty and other medical and cosmetic surgical procedures


Whether caused by the aging process, pregnancy, or circumstance, we can help you feel better about your body. If you are considering cosmetic surgery or rejuvenation procedures, the team at Art of Surgery is here to help your natural beauty shine through.






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Taking care of your health

Health Plans
We Accept

We facilitate medical coverage with the major local insurance companies

Leading Center For
Surgical Care 

Our dedicated surgical and nursing teams are here to support you and your family through your care and treatment plans


"When I checked into my room I was pleasantly surprised by how spacious, bright and airy the entire ward was; CLEAN in appearance and atmosphere – NO ‘hospital’ chemical smell (which always gives me the eebie jeebies) – the facility smelled clean and free from any odors. Loved that.


The staff: professional, responsive to my needs and so caring. I knew I was in good hands and they did take good care of me. They were so pleasant and certainly knew what they were doing.


I attribute my quick and successful recovery, not only to an amazing surgical team, but to the supportive, capable staff and an environment that provided the state-of-the-art technology, space, privacy and comfort that it did.  The feeling that you get from a medical facility plays BIG, when it comes to the patient’s state of mind. I felt safe, relaxed and in the right frame of mind.


I will use Art of Surgery again, in a heartbeat."

Ms Simone Davies / December 2020

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